I am quite sensitive to caffeine so when brewing espresso I want to extend the enjoyment of my drink. An americano to me is way too much water and I lose a lot of what I think makes an espresso amazing. No water added and I drink the coffee too quickly and find myself wanting another. This is my new recipe: to help extend my drink. I brew a standard double espresso of about 36-40g and add that same weight in water. If I made a 40g espresso I would add 40g more of water. I think of it like a cortado but instead of milk I use water.

I am wondering if this is an actual drink and if it has a name or if it is just some crazy successful experiment I made up.

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I mostly drink Americano's at my favorite coffee roaster, Kaladi Brothers Coffee, ( barista's take a two week training before they are allowed to pull shots for customers ) but occasionally i get a Stretched Lungo. ( French Press Exclusively at home )


The link will educate you as to the particulars of the Lungo.

Both lungos and Americanos are made using an espresso machine and water. Which makes you ask ‘Is a lungo an Americano?’. The method of making both these coffees sounds the same, but there is a big difference. When you make a lungo, all of the water is brewed and it generally comes out shorter than an Americano.

When you make an Americano you add the water after the espresso has been pulled from the espresso machine. Americanos also usually come in larger cups so you can add as much water as you like to the coffee.

Lungos should be served in a slightly smaller cup because you don’t need to add any water after making it. But if you really like, no one will probably judge you if you do!

Both coffees are made with ground coffee and roughly the same amount of water. So you’d expect them to taste the same right? Wrong. Adding the water after the espresso has been pulled gives you a weaker flavored coffee. Having the water pass through the ground coffee granules, as they do in a Lungo, gives you a much stronger flavored coffee. Great for those of you who like a strong dark coffee to kick start your day!

  • Based on that article it would just be an americano then. Just a really short americano. My process is brewing the espresso first then adding water to the shot not brewing all the water through the shot. Every americano I have had has been 6-12oz where mine comes usually out to 3-4oz. I think I'll stick with "Short Americano" as its name Apr 18, 2020 at 22:26

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