Ever since reading this article from Prima Coffee comparing Kalita Wave recipes, I've been using the George Howell method. This recipe calls for 25-28g of coffee for 390g of water.

I find this to be fairly strong and I wonder why the recipe calls for this large amount of coffee. In the past I had done ~18g of coffee for my pour overs and thought it brewed a decent cup. I understand I'm free to change the amount per my own tastes/roast, but I want to know if there's specific reason why 25/390g seems to be the chosen ratio.



The given ratio is maybe a bit unusual - many sources for pour-over irrespective of the exact brand (Chemex, Hario,...) give 1:17 or 60g per liter of water, which is 16.666. This seems to be the ballpark number for pour-over.

But is the Kalita different?
Your source calculates between 1:13.9 to 1:15.6. Interestingly, at least one source (in German, sorry) agrees with the ratio of 1:15.4 for the Kalita, yet another goes as low as 17.8.

Conclusion, sort of:
The ratio is opinion-based and a matter of taste.

Of course it’s up to you to go significantly lower - you won’t be breaking any laws - and I will freely admit that I am a total whimp when it comes to coffee strength.

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