I'm choosing capsule coffee machine for home. There is a lot of options with different prices. I would like to know if it's worth it to go for a more expensive one ? Will coffee taste better ? What else should I pay attention to ? I'll have one-two coffee per day and don't mind if the machine is loud or slow.

  • These are a lot of questions with few details. Perhaps you can add some specifics on which machines you're thinking about? The monetary aspect is a bit opinion-based, what's worth paying for one may seem ridiculous to another. Quality is also hard to convey without knowing specifics. You can get terrible stuff out of thousands of dollars of espresso equipment and you can get a great cup out of a simple filter with great beans and technique. There are so many variables and options that we really need details to be helpful to you and future visitors. – JJJ Oct 23 at 16:04

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