I recently tried coffee with some cardamom spice which tasted really great. I'm still wondering if it has any negative impact on health if you drink a lot of cups of coffee with cardamom during the day. I usually add some spoons of brown sugar and sometimes even skimmed milk, in the end I add small spoon of ground cardamom and stirr it up. I use regular ground coffee from the supermarket and consume probably around 3-5 cups per day, should I consume less? Are there any food/drinks I should avoid after drinking coffee with cardamom?

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    Isn't sugar is the one to avoid? I see no harm in cardamom, but I'm not a doctor. Jul 21, 2019 at 7:22

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WebMD does list some negative side-effects when taking cardamom. Looks like cardamom has health benefits too.

But I have a suggestion (gleaned from the back of my jar of cardamom pods). Instead of using a spoonful of ground cardamom, consider getting cardamom pods, squeezing 2 or 3 of them to crack them a little bit and placing those in your coffee cup. It definitely augments the taste of the coffee in the positive direction, plus you're not eating ground cardamom.


Cardamon is a great addition to coffee. It is maybe more suitable for winter, since it makes you feel warm.


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