I have bought an Italian percolator and cannot get the taste right, like you would find in a coffee house.


I buy beans from a proper coffee house and tried many different coffee types and origins.

The taste I am trying to achieve is basically the French coffee taste you get in brasseries.

The owner of the coffee place I buy from heavily roasts my beans but I still can’t get it right. What am I doing wrong?

  • And - second clarification question - you want the kind of coffee you would get at a brasserie in France? (Which iirc is quite different from an espresso?) – Stephie Jan 4 at 18:37
  • @Stephie the type of coffee you find in France as well as an espresso. Both – user33232 Jan 4 at 18:44
  • A correction first; this is not a percolator (see). moka tag in general may help. Following are recent discussions on how to prepare coffee with a moka pot: one, two, three. – MT San Jan 4 at 22:36

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