There are many coffee lovers all over the world and coffee is becoming in fashion and an addiction. So, which country has the highest number per capita and/or the largest population of any on earth?

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China maybe? My second option is India. As "coffee lover" is a blurry definition, I assume you wanted to ask household consumption of coffee per country.

If you check this website, you'll see the Northwestern Europe consumes the most coffee per person. The first country is Finland with 9.6 kg. Interestingly, contradictory to my beliefs, Italy is 18th with 3.4 kg. Also, Turkey is not included in the study.

If you check the total consumption of countries, the first two countries are USA and Brazil with a very close consumption of 971 and 969 tonnes.


Not sure if it's the largest, but in Israel the estimated consumption is 10 kg of coffee for a person per year, which is a LOT. Source:

The annual coffee consumption in Israel is estimated at 10 kilograms (22 pounds) per person.

(The data in this other answer is probably using a different measure system)

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