How we will differentiate between the coffee that either is it Kopi O Kosong, Kopi or Kopi Peng as all are a form of black coffee?

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Hi kopi o kosong is just black coffee without sugar, kopi is coffee with condensed milk and kopi peng is just kopi with ice


Singaporean traditional coffee culture uses a variety of terms originating from Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese etc. Here are the usual terms for kopi:

Term Meaning Etymology
Kopi Coffee with condensed milk and sugar Malay kopi
[Kopi]-O Without milk Hokkien 乌
[Kopi]-C With evaporated milk English Carnation
[Kopi] Kosong Without sugar Malay kosong
[Kopi] Siew Dai Less sugar Cantonese 少底
[Kopi] Ga Dai More sugar Cantonese 加底
[Kopi] Peng Iced Hokkien 冰
[Kopi] Gau Strong coffee Hokkien 厚
[Kopi] Por Weak coffee Hokkien 薄
Yuenyeung Half kopi half tea Cantonese 鴛鴦

Source: http://www.mysmu.edu/faculty/jacklee/singlish_K.htm

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