I would like to know the recommended brands/models for industrial roasters and grinders (targeting 6 Ton per month)

I already know Toper roaster 10 K (it has an economic price about 15k $) and Toper TKS 36 as a grinder There is also Ditting

But I am not sure if there is other economic machines ? and which is better for the grinder ? Toper or Ditting ?


This questions are hard to answer as the answer may be subjective. Still, as far as I understood that you are mainly after Turkish coffee, why not check industrial coffee producers in Turkey? They have specialized roasters and grinders.

Some keywords in Turkish:

  • "kahve değirmeni" -> "coffee grinder"
  • "industrial coffee roaster" -> "kahve kavurma makinası".
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  • Thanks very much, as you said, Toper is a Turkish brand. – Zahaby Oct 13 '18 at 1:29

Check out Besca Roasters, many sizes of roaster are available, with manual and automated operating styles to choose from.

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  • Hi @BescaRoasting, in order not to be regarded as spam while you answer, you may want to check the help pages. Suggestions are welcome under most conditions. But link only answers are considered spam. – MTSan Oct 24 '18 at 10:30

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