1. What produces more crema when extracting espresso, darker or lighter roast?

  2. What produces more crema when extracting espresso, finer or coarser coffee grind ?

  3. why am I getting a very thin layer of crema when pulling a SINGLE shot, although the extraction time is 20 sec, the pressure is correct as per the manufacturer of the espresso machine (Breville Barista) I have, and the coffee beans were roasted two weeks ago?! what is wrong?


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The CO2 stuck within coffee grounds produce the crema. At least, it is the main substance that forms the crema along with other minor components.

This is a very classic problem -and thus a question.

  • If you consider roasting, darker roasts have more crema as they contain more CO2 as the product of Maillard reaction. Here is a proposed previous post to be read. You may also want to check this previous post as it may lead to more reading on other metrics you may consider.

  • Grind has some effect, but limited. You may see the factors that effect crema production in espresso in this proposed previous post to be read.

  • As you have mentioned, time has a crucial importance. I think this should be your main consideration and you should focus on fixing this first. Basically, fresh coffee has more crema, always. You can read a lot more in this previous post.

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