The pod drawer in my Lavazza coffee machine (model: LM600) is jammed.

I tried to pull it really hard, I tried to pry it open. I even gave a few strikes in hopes whatever is keeping it shut will shift inside. All for nothing.

I dismantled it partially, took a peek inside and retreated - with all the water tubing, that would be a major operation.

Any suggestions how to fix it?


Descaling was the answer!

  1. I mixed some vinegar with water in the tank (~1:1 ratio).
  2. I turned the dial to the dispensing positing, allowed some descaling solution to go through the machine.
  3. I turned the machine off and left it for a few minutes.
  4. I repeated steps 2 and 3 a few times.

At some point during the process, I heard a click inside - the lock that holds the drawer during brewing came unstuck and I was now able to pull the drawer out.

More information: Minù Caffè Latte manual with step-by-step descaling instructions

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