I've been using a repurposed plastic box next to my espresso machine as my go-to knock box, but recently wrote a guide on knock boxes. I'm curious if you can recommend any particular knock box? They all seem universally the same and universally expensive.

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    Honestly, knock boxes are in my opinion only necessary in a commercial setting. At your house, just dump it straight in the trash or keep using your plastic box. That seems like a great alternative and does the job just as good. It seems a bit pretentious to buy a knock box for 5 espressi that people make at home a day...and I say that having probably 10 different brewing devices at home :).
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    Jan 16, 2018 at 13:38

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Osaka, Shock-Absorbent Espresso Knock Box 4.7 Inch Barista Style Knockbox.

about $20 anywhere online


Absolutely. There are many good quality knockboxes. You can find many reviewed on sites like Coffeegeek or of course, Amazon.

Knockboxes are practical and make it a pleasure to make espresso. I bought mine based on good reviews and after using it a few months consider it a great purchase.

It's made out of a good grade of tough plastic and can be found around $20 online or even less. Rubber coated knock bar and a well thought out cutout on the front for ease of access. Available in red, black and a few other colours. The stainless model is closer to $50 but is elegant if you prefer stainless and would stand up to genuine commercial use.

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I use a Cafelat Tubbi Knock Box in small because it's cheap and a nice size. If I was going to replace it I'd get a Rattleware Maple Knock Box because it's solid and beautifully constructed, plus it's quite handsome.

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