Recently I got Handpresso POP. At first I used ground coffee, but it makes huge mess on my office desk through whole brewing process. So, I bought some ESE pods. It was way easier and cleaner than using ground coffee. Really satisfied.

But after that, I got two problems.

  1. When I make espresso with pods, it's noticeably weaker than ground coffee. Actually, I've already expected that because of pod's paper wrapping, but it's way over my expectation.
  2. When I close portafilter after put pod, sometimes water leaks from valve. After few tries with pods, I discovered that water leakage occurs when I put pod into pod adapter with certain orientation. When I touch pod's surface, I can feel one side is little thicker than other, and I got leakage when put thicker side down.

So, here's my question - is there are any specific orientation when using ESE pod? I heard that illy's ESE pod have certain orientation when using it, but I can't assure it's same with other pods.


They never mentioned about the orientation in their own site. Both sides should work. My experience also overlaps with that. However, as this is an open standard, some producer may produce an ESE in a bit different way.

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