I have started disassembling my Nuova Simonelli Oscar, for descaling and fixing purposes, I have checked all the electrical section and I am about to start with the hydraulics.

I have seen that all threads are fully locked and sealed with some hard material, I assume I will have to place it back reassembling it. What kind of thread locker / thread sealer / gasket sealer / gasket replacement is that? can I use any that will sustain high temps or it has to be food safe?


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You can use pretty much every kind of drinking water sealant that you would use in home installations. You DIY–/ Homework–market (I do not know the English word), normally has such stuff. Just make sure it meets three requirements:

  1. For drinking water
  2. Can be used with boiling, hot water
  3. Does not harden over time

There is no number one choice. I personally used plastic–fermit (which is used for home hat water drainages) with success. I do not even need tools to lock down threads, all are just tightened by hand and it opens easily again.

Usually the manufacturers use something that I would recommend to avoid like the devil the water: PTFE/ Teflon. This locks things down forever. One winding too much and you will break your thread when trying to open it.

Edit: As grease, I can recommend to use silicone. The thing I used on my current machine is by fermit again. If it does not get in contact with water, I would recommend using copper paste (for e.g. by Liqui Moly), which can be used up to 1.4k°C. You will need the grease only for the steam wand and hot water outlet. If you are unsure what to buy, search for (German/ DE) Amaturenfett or Hahnfett, which is safe for hot potable water and is used for bathroom fittings and similar.

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    Thanks! could you elaborate a bit about the grease? why do I need it? and should I use normal silicon or silicon grease?
    – Edoardo
    May 27, 2017 at 15:46
  • @eddyce See the edit.
    – kaiser
    May 28, 2017 at 11:48

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