I'm using a Tescoma paloma moka pot (aluminium) and after three years (and one mistake made by a friend of mine - tried to clean it with detergent) I noticed a build-up of two things:

  1. White spots that looks like oxidization (also they disappeared after brewing water with lemon)

  2. What can be seen here enter image description here

that they are not removed after brewing or washing with water.

I read the other similar questions but I'm not able to guess if this is oxidization or something that I should be afraid of. What is your opinion on that?


You have mentioned that you've seen similar questions but... Did you see this one?

What are these spots on the inside of my moka pot? Do I need to remove them?

If yes, then I can help you with two things. First, rust is not possible as your moka pot is aluminum. Therefore, only aluminum oxide and mold are the two options left. Second, if you can remove it, it's mold. Otherwise, it's oxidation and does no harm.

How to remove mold? Bleach is probably the easiest option of you really rinse well afterwards.

  • I tried bleach, vinegar, soda, and lemon and even rubbing it slightly with a very soft toothbrush, nothing went away. So I guess it is indeed oxidization (which I incorrectly thought that it comes in form of white stains and not black) and it should be fine. Thanks for the very simple answer. – Chris Patsatzis Feb 6 '17 at 14:53

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