Someone brought back a pack of Dallmayr Prodomo beans from Poland about a year ago, and this is yet the best coffee I have tasted. I use aeropress for brewing. The Dallmayr was inexpensive in Poland, but costs a bit to import. So, can anyone suggest beans that taste similar to Dallmayr Prodomo?

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As Dallmayr is a german company you can try odering from their online shop, which promises to deliver to european countries. Shop is found here: http://www.dallmayr-versand.de/epages/Dallmayr.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Dallmayr/Categories/KaffeeUndTee/Kaffee/Prodomo

Or you can try your luck with amazon and if it isn't available in your country's amazon, you can order it from the german amazon page: for a 12-pack https://www.amazon.de/Dallmayr-prodomo-gemahlen-500g-12er/dp/B000UGGVJI

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    This is not really answering the question. I know I can order from their page, and from amazon. However, it is a bit expensive to import. Do you know of some coffee that taste similar to the Dallmayr Prodomo?
    – Yoda
    Sep 11, 2016 at 19:38

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