I am from Ethiopia. I have a Coffee Export License from Ethiopia for the World market. How can I go about getting buyers? Where is the best place to find potential importers of my coffee?

  • Do you have a local chamber of commerce or something like that? You could ask if they have any contacts. – DCTLib Mar 24 '16 at 17:13

The first recommendation would be to go to a Chamber of Commerce or a Board of Trade locally and to make a request to help with the contacts of potential importers.

Quick googling directed me to website of the Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia: http://www.ethiopianchamber.com/

The Government of Ethiopia also hosted World Coffee Conference, so you may find additional information on event, and may be some useful contacts to start with.

The second option would be to get in touch with biggest Coffee Associations or to participate in coffee conferences/shows:


Go to any coffee trade show in the US or Europe. I would recommend the Specialty Coffee Association of America or the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. Other options are: CoffeeFest, CoffeeCon, etc. An Internet search for coffee conferences really would be your best bet.


I would suggest reaching out to distribution companies directly. Search as if you were a coffee roaster trying to buy beans and you'll find the companies that are selling in bulk.

I work at a coffee company where we work directly (and almost exclusively) with growers, but most companies are happy to deal with resellers.

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