When making coffee and espresso concoctions at home I usually prefer them shaken, not stirred. I find that it changes the mouth feel and adds a nice head to cold drinks and even some hot drinks.

Is this a common practice in the coffee world?

Would your average barista have a cocktail shaker as a part of his/her standard kit?

  • Interesting and surely a nice touch for cold drinks. It sounds hardly practical for hot drinks though, just because of temperature control. If someone has links to share, that'd be terrific. Commented Jan 31, 2015 at 1:09

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Probably not, although more possible for financial reasons. Shaking a coffee drink would either require a more sturdily constructed disposable cup, which would cost more money and create even more waste or a reusable shaker which would require cleaning in between customers which would cost money and time making the drink. Either method would also incur a significant risk of losing the prepared drink in its entirety, necessitating a restart. For a business, it's much less risky to simply let you customers stir their drinks.

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