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This part is leaking. Can anybody please help me to identify the name of this part (see image)? If it's not possible to get these parts anymore, can I use a different part which does the same job?

The espresso machine is a G3 Ferrari Lady C.

enter image description here


Looks like a plastic compression fitting

  • Thanks, I think you are right. The thing is that my espresso machine is out of production, so I need a replacement part from another brand. Are these fittings generic? – sodasodamac Mar 8 '16 at 8:03
  • 1
    Yes, your best bet would be to remove the part and take it to a hardware store. You could probably find something online, but it'd likely be easier to match if you're able to compare it. – brendo234 Mar 8 '16 at 23:50
  • I was planning to do that today :-) – sodasodamac Mar 10 '16 at 11:03

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