The AeroPress seems like a great portable coffee maker. How can I get the best cup of coffee out of it?

  • How much coffee should I use, and how fine should I grind it?
  • How much water should I add, and what should its temperature be?
  • How long do I let it brew before "plunging" the coffee?
  • You may need to define "best cup"; do you mean strength, flavour or something else? As it stands, your question is a bit broad and probably quite 'primarily opinion-based'. – Möoz Jan 29 '15 at 22:24

The winner of the 2014 World Aeropress Championship - Shuichi Sasaki - used the following recipe:

16.5g coffee, 78℃, 250cc soft mineral water, EK43 grind at 9.5

Rinse normal paper filter, in standard position.
40g of blooming water for 25 seconds, stir 5 times.
Add 210g of water, stir once.
Press very slowly for 75 seconds.
Leave 45g.

Of course it's all a matter of taste, but the top 3 recipes for the past few years are all on that page, so there's plenty to experiment with!

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