I'm using green coffee and would like to know how to keep the beans to protect from getting bad (mold). I try to keep them safe and to be all time ready for roasting.

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I have a few different varieties of green beans that I have stored in freezer style plastic bags for going on 1+ year now and there is no mold present. I keep them stored at room temperate with as much air as possible removed from the bag. I roast a few batches a year and always get the same results out of my beans regardless of how long they have been stored.

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    As a further reference: The same recommendation (sealed plastic bags, in the dark, at room temperature) is listed at The Coffee FAQ. They also recommend cloth/mesh bags in a cool, dry, dark location, but this is probably impractical for most "home" operations. @jjwr: welcome to Coffee!
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  • My green bean supplier ships them to me in sealed ziplock style bags. I store them in a dark cupboard where they are also presumably kept safe from moisture and temperature fluctuations. Green coffee will keep for roughly a year, generally far longer than a home roaster needs to cycle through a supply (I order new beans at least every other month). Commented Oct 20, 2015 at 21:52

Green coffee storage should be done similarly to roasted. 1-free of contact with oxygen 2-cool 3-away from light

This is according to National Coffee Assoc. http://www.ncausa.org/About-Coffee/How-to-Store-Coffee

I pre-weigh my beans to the exact amount weight that I will need for my roast. (i.e. 100g) and pack it in individual bags. then use a machine that removes all the air and seals the bags. I forget it's name but the are inexpensive and do good jobs.


Double zipper Ziplock bags in a dry place away from light works for me.

  • Welcome to Coffee. Your answer was short and too the point, but it was very similar to the previous answer from jjwr. Do you have anything more to add -- some references, or other things you have tried like refrigerating or freezing?
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  • An explanation as to why your suggestion works would also be a good improvement to this question.
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Unroasted/green coffee stores very, very well. Keep them in containers or sealable plastic bags in a place that is pretty fairly temperature stable, dark and not particularly humid, and you should be fine. I keep mine in the cupboard over the fridge. They can be kept for months with minimal effort going towards storage with no impact on their after-roasted quality.

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