There are various methods of decaffeinating coffee beans:

  • Swiss Water method1
  • Co2 Process1
  • Roselius Proccess2
  • Direct Method3
  • Indirect Method4
  • Triglyceride process5

Of these various methods, are any of them (potentially) harmful to humans? Be it short-term or long-term? Which is the safest?


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Swiss Water process is the best because it's the most natural and has the best percentage of decaffeination. However, none of the processes are dangerous, I repeat, none. Unless you consume the decaffeinating solvents somehow, that's a different case. -.-

Sourced from my previous answer at How is decaffeinated coffee made?

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    +1 here and in your other answer simply because of the included image
    – Justin C
    Feb 3, 2015 at 21:47

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