I've heard that the heater plate of my coffee maker will give my coffee a "burnt" aftertaste. But about how long do I have after brewing? Is the effect more or less immediate, or will the effect not be noticeable for a few hours?

I'm using a Cuisinart DCC-2650 with an adjustable warmer.

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    Not an answer to your question, but a solution to your problem that I use is a good thermos. It sits right next to my coffee maker and when the brew is done I pour it into the thermos. This keeps it hot for hours and avoids the burnt taste. Also saves electricity.
    – Justin C
    Jun 3, 2015 at 13:05

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It would depend on a number or factors including temperature of the warmer and humidity in the room. However, personally, I can begin to taste a difference after as little as 45 minutes on the warmer. I tend to drink two cups of coffee pretty quickly to avoid this.

Coffee is a product always best fresh, but how long before your palate can detect that it isn't fresh any longer is a matter that varies by individual. My wife will drink coffee from a pot that has been sitting for four hours plus; after about an hour and a half I'll throw the pot away and make another. Your own mileage may vary.


Best practice is to keep coffee warm through insulation. If you have a decent thremos it'll keep coffee warm for a very long time. I had a thermos which could keep the contents above 170F for almost 4 hours.

  • We had a thermos carafe from a previous Cuisinart coffee maker. It actually fits in the new one (they have the same dimensions, though the thermos has a smaller capacity), so we've started using that. I'm a little worried about the heater plate with the metal carafe, but it has a flat bottom (such that it doesn't "nest") and the plate appears to have a weight sensor, so I don't think it's going to burn. Just in case, we turn the coffee maker off as soon as it's done brewing.
    – JDB
    Jun 12, 2015 at 13:11
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    Yeah, I would be careful, as the insulation inside the carafe could melt if heated too much.
    – tsturzl
    Jun 12, 2015 at 21:54

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