Europe has the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) which is a non-profit trade association and large community of coffee enthusiasts. They also have established the "Coffee Diploma System" and host networking events.

In the UK, you're able to take courses towards a "SCAE Coffee Diploma". Is there an equivalent association in the US? I've never seen a US standard for coffee training.

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There is a Specialty Coffee Association of America, and they have a professional development program with certificates. (Also various awards and recognition programs.)

I'd be surprised if there was not some formal parallel in the two trade associations. The SCAE's "about-us" page says: "Together with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), we represent the speciality sector on the International Coffee Organization's Private Sector Consultative Board."

The SCAA Chronicle from Oct. 2010 carried a story about a joint venture with SCAE called World Coffee Events, to "develop and manage competitive events on behalf of both organizations."

Added: There is also a Specialty Coffee Association of Japan, established in 2003. SCAE began in 1998, and SCAA in 1982.

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