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Top new questions this week:

COVID-19 screening test using coffee beans

Loss of taste or smell is one of the strongest signals for COVID-19. Though not every COVID-19 case has this symptom, it's a very specific symptom that doesn't commonly have other causes. This ...

health home-roasting smell  
asked by brunobowden 2 votes
answered by R Mac -2 votes

Inconsistent Espresso

I've got a Lelit Anita with PID (PL42TEMD). The machine is new, about 3 weeks old now. It's used for 2 people to make coffee in the morning. Ok, settings are 93 degrees on the PID, grind around 3 (a ...

espresso coffee-machines coffee-culture  
asked by JamesT 1 vote
answered by technical_difficulty 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to prevent Bonavita 1900 TS drip-brewer from producing bitter flavored coffee?

My family bought me a Bonavita 1900 TS for Father's day. Unfortunately after burning through 3/4 of a bag of coffee, I still haven't produced a good tasting carafe of coffee. Every time, it comes out (...

drip-brew burr-grinder  
asked by Phil Figgins 5 votes

Advantages and disadvantages of French press

Asking around, I've noticed that public opinion about the french press is rather mixed. I've heard people shun it and others praise it. I have never actually seen a decent explanation why though. As ...

brewing-process french-press  
asked by Tom 17 votes
answered by Tim Post 15 votes

What is the science (if any) behind bulletproof coffee?

Over the past few years I've been slowly starting to dabble in the caffeinated arts. I'm far from being knowledgeable, but I'm definitely very curious about this favourite beverage of mine. So, I ...

brewing-process bulletproof  
asked by MetaFight 27 votes
answered by mitamata 16 votes

Generating crema with a moka pot?

I have a stove top percolator for making espresso. It does not generate any crema. it possible to do so with a stove top percolator?

crema moka  
asked by Alex 15 votes
answered by Bob 11 votes

What can I use to clean my machine as a substitute for original cleaners?

I have access to an automatic bean-to-cup Siemens coffee maker. It has periodic cleaning programs of its own and also its own cleaning materials. Recently, we have difficulties finding these cleaning ...

espresso-machine cleaning maintenance  
asked by MTSan 4 votes
answered by Evan Nowak 5 votes

What does Kopi Luwak taste like?

I have never had the opportunity to try Kopi Luwak, and I'd like to know how it tastes: How does its taste differ from more traditionally processed coffee from the same region? Are there other ...

flavor kopiluwak  
asked by Nicolás 16 votes
answered by Tim Post 11 votes

Chemically, what's happening to coffee after it's brewed?

So I've prepared my coffee in the morning, and transferred it to a thermos flask, where it will only cool down negligibly over the course of the day. Is anything happening to the coffee in the flask? ...

storage flavor  
asked by fredley 26 votes
answered by Patrick Sebastien 13 votes

Can you answer this question?

Stability of Chemex Filter

When I am brewing with my Chemex, most always the filter begins to drag down along the inside, and I always have to use my fingers to pull it back and re-balance the filter. I have tried regular ...

paper-filter chemex  
asked by Bertrand Einstein IV 1 vote
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