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Top new questions this week:

How come some beans seem to want longer ratios?

I'm not sure if it's my grinder or my machine or what, but I find I can't a get a ratio of less than about 3:1 - any shorter and the shot comes out sour. In theory I can grind finer, but the pour is ...

asked by JD2000 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Generating crema with a moka pot?

I have a stove top percolator for making espresso. It does not generate any crema. it possible to do so with a stove top percolator?

crema moka  
asked by Alex 14 votes
answered by Bob 9 votes

Difference between steam wand and aeroccino frother

I often use an Aeroccino automatic milk frother that comes with some Nespresso machines. It froths milk by whisking it rapidly in a heated cup and produces a rather pleasant foam, though the resulting ...

milk steamed-milk nespresso foamed-milk froth  
asked by FlashCactus 1 vote
answered by Daniel F 2 votes

How does the temperature of the water affect the taste of the coffee

Many methods of brewing coffee differ in the temperature of the water among other factors. Some people swear by cold-brewing, others do slow pour overs with piping hot water. How exactly is coffee ...

brewing-process cold-brew temperature  
asked by Justin C 15 votes

Which of these espresso variant contain more caffeine?

Can you please explain what is the difference between these types of coffee and which one of them contains more caffeine then the others: American Espresso Lungo Ristretto And please if it's ...

espresso caffeine  
asked by Gimbo 11 votes
answered by ConnorCMcKee 11 votes

Is decaffeinated coffee more acidic?

Apparently caffeine is weakly basic. This means, presumably, that in coffee the caffeine actually neutralises some of the acids. Is decaffeinated coffee more acidic than caffeinated coffee as a ...

decaffeinated chemistry acids  
asked by fredley 5 votes
answered by Patrick Sebastien 5 votes

Does drinking coffee immediately after lunch or dinner impact health?

Does drinking coffee immediately after breakfast or lunch or dinner impact health?

health ground-coffee coffee-culture  
asked by goofyui 1 vote
answered by jomustech 1 vote

Why does French press not give enough 'Caffeine Effect'?

I've been drinking drip coffee for several years. It's been perfect for me. It tastes good and most importantly it makes me awake. Recently I started drinking french press coffee and there is ...

caffeine ground-coffee french-press coffee-machines  
asked by onlyforthis 7 votes
answered by Mayo 5 votes
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