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Top new questions this week:

What happens if I use relatively short burrs (55mm) to grind lightly roasted coffee as opposed to longer (65mm+) ones?

I am making the first steps towards drinking a decent/good coffee at home (where I also work). My shortlist was composed of Lelit-PL72, MACAP M42M, EUREKA MIGNON SPECIALITA 16CR, and Eureka Mignon XL ...

espresso flavor grinder  
asked by Alexei - check Codidact 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it possible to burn coffee while brewing?

I know some people who refuse to drink in large coffee chains as they say that the coffee they produce tastes "burnt". Is it actually possible to burn coffee while brewing, or is the flavour they're ...

brewing-process flavor  
asked by BiscuitBaker 22 votes
answered by Mayo 14 votes

Espresso drips out slowly

So my wife and I have a Delonghi EC155 espresso machine that we have used for years. Lately it's been having a lot of trouble pushing the water through the coffee. We can hear the pump pumping, but ...

asked by rothloup 13 votes
answered by Kai Maxfield 14 votes

Can you use sparkling water to brew coffee?

Has anyone ever tried it yet? What flavor/mouthfeel/extraction benefits are there, if any?

asked by farankoshan 6 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 6 votes

I'm perplexed on coffee types. What is filter ground coffee?

I bought a new coffee maker and it has a permanent filter and says to only use filter ground coffee.What exactly is filter ground coffee?

drip-brew coffee-machines  
asked by Arianna 5 votes
answered by MTSan 8 votes

Is Nespresso 'real' espresso?

When I use an espresso coffee pod, I'm a little skeptical that it qualifies as real espresso. The contents of the cup don't seem to be compressed or 'tamped' in any way, and obviously there's no ...

espresso nespresso  
asked by fredley 21 votes
answered by hoc_age 41 votes

Why does my moka pot sputter?

I have an old 6-cup moka pot (bialetti) that I recently replaced the filter and the rubber gasket (bialetti brand), however the extraction time seems a bit long, bubbles to soon(almost immediately) ...

moka extraction  
asked by caveman39 4 votes
answered by Grimble Gromble 2 votes

Is it safe to use paper towel as a filter when brewing?

Are there any chemicals or dyes in most common paper towels that would be harmful if I brewed my coffee using the towel as a filter? If it is safe, will it affect the taste of the coffee at all?

asked by Jaken Herman 22 votes
answered by Anthony Pham 8 votes

Can you answer this question?

Is a ceramic pitcher suitable for frothing milk?

I recently bought a Gaggia Classic with a steam wand. I don't have a stainless steel pitcher for frothing my milk and am using a ceramic one. Does anybody know whether this has a significant impact on ...

equipment milk steamed-milk  
asked by Raketenolli 2 votes
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