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Top new questions this week:

Blond flakes in espresso grounds

My wife bought espresso beans for baking chocolate muffins (Unicorn Blood, chosen because of the cute label), so we ended up with most of a bag to be used for drip. When I grind the beans, there are ...

beans grounds  
asked by jlb 2 votes
answered by JJJ 1 vote

What to look for in a good french press?

I am looking to buy a french press as my moka is now a little damaged. The handle melted because of misuse and now I have to handle the moka with oven gloves. It is a hassle to do, I spilled coffee ...

equipment french-press  
asked by C.Koca 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What coffees are the least acidic?

I don't like coffees with an acidic/sour taste. However, when buying coffee, the only "rating" one gets is often how "strong" the coffee is, and that does not help me. Is there something else I can go ...

flavor rating bean-varieties  
asked by Ludwik 21 votes
answered by JayCo 20 votes

End result of Americano vs Long Black?

There have been a few questions now asked about the difference between a Caffe Americano vs a Long Black and the merits of each (here and here). The main difference seems to be that the Long Black ...

brewing-process espresso  
asked by PDePree 19 votes
answered by Tim Post 12 votes

What's the most effective way of generating crema from an Aeropress?

I know a number of people have become fairly capable at getting a nice amount of crema at the end of the process of making a cup with their Aeropress. I, however, am getting just a very thin, partial ...

aeropress crema  
asked by Max Fierke 34 votes
answered by hairboat 20 votes

How much weight reduction occurs after roasting coffee beans?

Does the roasting process lead to weight reduction? If so, what are determining factors? type of coffee? type of roast(dark, medium etc) ? If you have X lbs of unroasted coffee beans, how much (...

asked by BigM 5 votes
answered by roasterbob 7 votes

Why is a cup of coffee not 6 oz.?

According to Google, a cup is 8 oz. According to Wikipedia, a cup of coffee as measured on the coffee maker is only 5.07 oz. Every brand of coffee I buy shows directions for 1 tbsp. per 6 oz.. So, ...

brewing-process drip-brew  
asked by mchid 10 votes
answered by Wookiee84 7 votes

What are these spots on the inside of my moka pot? Do I need to remove them?

I've got these spots on the inside the bottom section of my Bialetti Moka Express: They are placed pretty evenly around the ridgy part toward the edge of the bottom of the circle, with a few toward ...

moka cleaning  
asked by hairboat 14 votes
answered by hoc_age 13 votes

Convert Mahlkönig EK43 settings to other grinders

I wanted to test the new AeroPress World Champions recipe, and my question is how do I translate the setting "7.3" on Mahlk├Ânig EK43 to my Graef CM 80. Is there any way to get the same result on my ...

asked by Yannick 13 votes
answered by nate 3 votes
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