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Top new questions this week:

Coffee and teeth health

Are there any good sources of information about the effect coffee has on the health of teeth? These could be scientific sources and material for readers who are not medical experts.

asked by Martin Peters 2 votes
answered by JJJ 1 vote

What are the main pros and cons of the GeneCafe coffee roaster?

Having never roasted coffee, I would like to start roasting coffee at home (I'm UK-based). Due to time, and other constraints, I am looking for a solution that requires as little human intervention as ...

roasting home-roasting specific-machine  
asked by Lucas T 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Hario V60 Plastic Dripper vs Ceramic Dripper: Is there any difference in brew quality?

I am planning on purchasing a V60 and was wondering if there was any difference between the brew produced by the plastic and the ceramic Hario V60?

drip-brew extraction v60  
asked by Stanimiroff 11 votes
answered by CrsOystr 7 votes

Why is it not recommended to drink coffee immediately after it's roasted?

The rule of thumb is that you first drink coffee approximately 3 days after it is roasted, but what is the exact reason for this?

asked by JavaCake 41 votes
answered by John Snow 31 votes

What does the 'strength' mean (in numbers)?

The coffee package I've bought has 'strength rating'. It's 3 out of 5. I wonder what that 'strength' means? How it is measured? Does it relate to the caffeine amount? The coffee package is from ...

rating strength  
asked by Danubian Sailor 11 votes
answered by Vogel612 10 votes

Differences between Chemex & V60

I currently use a V60, but I'm interested in using a Chemex (primarily because of the bigger capacity for guests). Assuming all variables are correct for the specific brew method (grind size, weight ...

flavor v60 chemex  
asked by Consume Coffee 13 votes
answered by hoc_age 5 votes

What is the next best milk substitute for a latte?

I used to drink lattes every day and realized the milk (lactose) was making me feel bad. I'm looking for a good substitute that will steam well, taste good, and be nice for making latte art. What will ...

milk latte latte-art steamed-milk  
asked by Michael Pryor 20 votes
answered by Stanimiroff 8 votes

Why does my moka pot sputter?

I have an old 6-cup moka pot (bialetti) that I recently replaced the filter and the rubber gasket (bialetti brand), however the extraction time seems a bit long, bubbles to soon(almost immediately) ...

moka extraction  
asked by caveman39 4 votes
answered by Grimble Gromble 2 votes

What's the most effective way of generating crema from an Aeropress?

I know a number of people have become fairly capable at getting a nice amount of crema at the end of the process of making a cup with their Aeropress. I, however, am getting just a very thin, partial ...

aeropress crema  
asked by Max Fierke 36 votes
answered by hairboat 20 votes
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