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Difference between steam wand and aeroccino frother

I often use an Aeroccino automatic milk frother that comes with some Nespresso machines. It froths milk by whisking it rapidly in a heated cup and produces a rather pleasant foam, though the resulting ...

milk steamed-milk nespresso foamed-milk froth  
user avatar asked by FlashCactus Score of 1
user avatar answered by Daniel F Score of 2

What's the most effective way of generating crema from an Aeropress?

I know a number of people have become fairly capable at getting a nice amount of crema at the end of the process of making a cup with their Aeropress. I, however, am getting just a very thin, partial ...

aeropress crema  
user avatar asked by Max Fierke Score of 36
user avatar answered by hairboat Score of 20

Coffee ground too finely - how to deal with it?

We bought a pack of coffee and had it ground on site, like many times before. The new sales girl must have misunderstood something and used a too-fine setting, finest (for espresso) instead of second ...

brewing-process ground-coffee moka  
user avatar asked by Stephie Score of 6
user avatar answered by Stephie Score of 7

I'm perplexed on coffee types. What is filter ground coffee?

I bought a new coffee maker and it has a permanent filter and says to only use filter ground coffee.What exactly is filter ground coffee?

drip-brew coffee-machines  
user avatar asked by Arianna Score of 5
user avatar answered by MTSan Score of 8

What is the science (if any) behind bulletproof coffee?

Over the past few years I've been slowly starting to dabble in the caffeinated arts. I'm far from being knowledgeable, but I'm definitely very curious about this favourite beverage of mine. So, I ...

brewing-process bulletproof  
user avatar asked by MetaFight Score of 26
user avatar answered by mitamata Score of 16

What is the caffeine content in Lavazza brand coffee

What is the caffeine content of the Italian coffee LAVAZZA brand? It is sold at several roast levels, so there is probably some variation.

health caffeine  
user avatar asked by steveodaniel Score of 2
user avatar answered by Nate M. Score of 3

How much sugar can I put it my coffee before it's worse than soda?

Coffee is generally quite healthy and soda is full of sugar. However people end up putting lots of sugar in their coffees. How much sugar is needed before a cup of coffee is worse than soda?

user avatar asked by Aequitas Score of 1
user avatar answered by Aequitas Score of 6
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