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Is Nespresso 'real' espresso?

When I use an espresso coffee pod, I'm a little skeptical that it qualifies as real espresso. The contents of the cup don't seem to be compressed or 'tamped' in any way, and obviously there's no ...

espresso nespresso  
user avatar asked by fredley Score of 21
user avatar answered by hoc_age Score of 41

Advantages and disadvantages of French press

Asking around, I've noticed that public opinion about the french press is rather mixed. I've heard people shun it and others praise it. I have never actually seen a decent explanation why though. As ...

brewing-process french-press  
user avatar asked by Tom Score of 17
user avatar answered by Tim Post Score of 15

What do all the symbols on my coffee lid mean?

I bought a coffee from Caffè Nero in the UK. It came with this lid: What do all the letters mean? I'm assuming DECAF could be marked to distinguish a decaf in a large order, but why is it there twice?...

user avatar asked by fredley Score of 7
user avatar answered by Suspended User Score of 8

How to properly use the Bialetti Brikka

The Brikka, like many stovetop espresso makers, has a lot of parameters that affect how the espresso turns out. What are the best parameters for using the Brikka correctly? Which of these are more ...

espresso-machine moka crema  
user avatar asked by opb Score of 15
user avatar answered by farankoshan Score of 7

Generating crema with a moka pot?

I have a stove top percolator for making espresso. It does not generate any crema. it possible to do so with a stove top percolator?

crema moka  
user avatar asked by Alex Score of 15
user avatar answered by Bob Score of 12

Why does French press not give enough 'Caffeine Effect'?

I've been drinking drip coffee for several years. It's been perfect for me. It tastes good and most importantly it makes me awake. Recently I started drinking french press coffee and there is ...

caffeine ground-coffee french-press coffee-machines  
user avatar asked by onlyforthis Score of 7
user avatar answered by Mayo Score of 5

Is coffee a solution or an emulsion?

According this article about the chemical composition of coffee, 12% of the dry weight of green unroasted coffee beens are chlorogenic acids. It does not mention if these acids fully dissolve in water ...

chemistry acid  
user avatar asked by Tim Score of 12
user avatar answered by John Snow Score of 10
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