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Top new questions this week:

What to use in place of gooseneck kettle?

To make pour over coffee can I use a cup to pour the water on the grounds? How can I best approximate the proper water temperature? I do have a kettle to boil the water but a cup gives me more control ...

asked by Jeff G 2 votes
answered by JJJ 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Aluminium moka pot put through dishwasher and then polished - would it alter taste?

Common perceptions on Aluminium moka pots: They need to be kept dry as to prevent aluminium oxidation. Some people reckon you should just rinse the pot and not clean it completely, in order to ...

equipment moka cleaning  
asked by Peter PitLock 4 votes
answered by hoc_age 1 vote

Most moka pots don't work on my induction stove. How can I still use them?

Most moka pots don't work on my induction stove. How can I still use them? I use a camping stove temporarily, but it requires me to buy gas refills every now and then. Is there an easier way?

brewing-process moka induction  
asked by Loreno Heer 13 votes
answered by fredley 10 votes

Which of these espresso variant contain more caffeine?

Can you please explain what is the difference between these types of coffee and which one of them contains more caffeine then the others: American Espresso Lungo Ristretto And please if it's ...

espresso caffeine  
asked by Gimbo 11 votes
answered by ConnorCMcKee 11 votes

Can you use sparkling water to brew coffee?

Has anyone ever tried it yet? What flavor/mouthfeel/extraction benefits are there, if any?

asked by farankoshan 4 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 6 votes

What roast level is recommended for cold brew?

With due credit to @Roland for his questions, I peeled off a related topic into a new question. With any preparation, roast level is a bit of personal preference. However, certain roasts are more ...

asked by hoc_age 21 votes
answered by Ms. Wassername 12 votes

How should I clean a stainless coffee carafe?

At the office, we have a coffee maker with a stainless steel vacuum carafe similar to this one. It has accumulated coffee residue in it from 5+ years of hard service, whilst receiving in return what I ...

equipment cleaning  
asked by hoc_age 8 votes
answered by William Moore 4 votes

Is it possible to Cold Brew using an Aeropress?

Is it possible to cold brew using Aeropress? My inclination says yes, in a similar fashion to cold brewing with a French press. However, when I tried it, it became very hard to plunge. Aside from ...

aeropress cold-brew  
asked by ckpwong 14 votes
answered by Don Joe 5 votes
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