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How should I start a coffee export business?

I am from Yemen, one of the world's best location for coffee. I want to start the coffee business and start a coffee export business but I have no experience in exporting and no customers to export ...

beans arabica business  
asked by Amin Elaghil 8 votes
answered by hoc_age 5 votes

How long should I steep in French press before decanting?

I have a 12-cup (51 oz.) Bodum French press. Generally how long am I supposed to wait for the freshly pressed grounds to steep before I decant?

asked by Sol Crenshaw 16 votes
answered by gary 13 votes

Freezing brewed coffee

The other day, I had stupid idea: What if I made my coffee in big batch and freeze what I did not manage to drink? Let's put away why would I even want to do it. And for sake of argument, I know it ...

asked by Pavel Janicek 17 votes
answered by Alex 11 votes

Differences between Chemex & V60

I currently use a V60, but I'm interested in using a Chemex (primarily because of the bigger capacity for guests). Assuming all variables are correct for the specific brew method (grind size, weight ...

flavor v60 chemex  
asked by Consume Coffee 12 votes
answered by hoc_age 4 votes

How much caffeine is in an espresso shot?

Many people seem to think that a 0.85oz shot of espresso has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Is there any validity to this?

espresso caffeine  
asked by Alex 16 votes
answered by Ataxia 10 votes

Difference between Turkish and Greek coffee?

Is there a difference between Turkish and Greek coffee? Or is it the same thing with different names at different places?

asked by Bob 16 votes
answered by Ivan Kapitonov 8 votes

How should I clean a stainless coffee carafe?

At the office, we have a coffee maker with a stainless steel vacuum carafe similar to this one. It has accumulated coffee residue in it from 5+ years of hard service, whilst receiving in return what I ...

equipment cleaning  
asked by hoc_age 11 votes
answered by William Moore 5 votes
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