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Top new questions this week:

Simulated Vietnamese coffee in Bobba bars

Vietnamese coffee is on the menu at most San Diego CA Bobba bars. They use freshly extracted espresso, but then, instead of sweetened condensed milk, they appear to use a combination of flavors like ...

espresso flavored-coffee  
asked by SOCALTOM10 1 vote
answered by Stephie 0 votes

Spots on Moka Pot, I suspect they are mold

I have this Bialetti Moka pot for over a year. I wasn't using it very frequently until a couple of months ago. Now I use it almost every day. I think in last December, I made coffee and forget to ...

moka cleaning  
asked by beliz 1 vote
answered by Horst 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the correct way to eat biscotti with coffee?

Most coffee shops sell biscotti to have with your coffee. I've always wondered, is there a 'correct' way of consuming them together? Are biscotti ideally consumed with a certain preparation of coffee ...

asked by fredley 7 votes
answered by hoc_age 5 votes

Aeropress metal filters, are they worth it?

I was wondering (other than the long term saving of not having to buy paper filters), what are the advantages of using a metal filter such as this? In the copy is states: Fuller body cup of ...

asked by Consume Coffee 13 votes
answered by hoc_age 8 votes

How much weight reduction occurs after roasting coffee beans?

Does the roasting process lead to weight reduction? If so, what are determining factors? type of coffee? type of roast(dark, medium etc) ? If you have X lbs of unroasted coffee beans, how much ...

asked by BigM 5 votes
answered by roasterbob 7 votes

Approximately how many cups (by volume) are in a pound of ground coffee beans?

Note: I am not asking about the yield of brewed coffee. Edit: I'm asking how many cups (dry measure) of grounds are in a 1lb bag of ground coffee? Or does it vary by the type of coffee?

brewing-process ground-coffee  
asked by Paul 3 votes

What does the 'strength' mean (in numbers)?

The coffee package I've bought has 'strength rating'. It's 3 out of 5. I wonder what that 'strength' means? How it is measured? Does it relate to the caffeine amount? The coffee package is from ...

rating strength  
asked by Danubian Sailor 11 votes
answered by Vogel612 10 votes

What's the most effective way of generating crema from an Aeropress?

I know a number of people have become fairly capable at getting a nice amount of crema at the end of the process of making a cup with their Aeropress. I, however, am getting just a very thin, partial ...

aeropress crema  
asked by Max Fierke 33 votes
answered by hairboat 20 votes

Coffee Bean Vs Espresso Bean

What is the difference between beans intended for coffee use vs beans intended for espresso? My understanding is the beans come from the same plants as mentioned previously but they are prepared ...

brewing-process espresso roasting  
asked by PDePree 17 votes
answered by fredley 17 votes
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