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Why do I feel nauseous from coffee?

I really love coffee but for last 6 months I've felt nauseous almost every time I drink it. If I drink an espresso in the morning I will most likely vomit. If I drink it after lunch or a few hours ...

espresso health  
asked by Kreso 2 votes
answered by lbf 0 votes

Difference between Turkish and Greek coffee?

Is there a difference between Turkish and Greek coffee? Or is it the same thing with different names at different places?

asked by Bob 16 votes
answered by Ivan Kapitonov 8 votes

Why do the coffee shops give sparkling water along with the Espresso?

Why do coffee shops provide sparkling water (mineral water) along with Espresso?

asked by Emilios1995 19 votes
answered by Niko 26 votes

What roast level is recommended for cold brew?

With due credit to @Roland for his questions, I peeled off a related topic into a new question. With any preparation, roast level is a bit of personal preference. However, certain roasts are more ...

asked by hoc_age 22 votes
answered by Ms. Wassername 12 votes

How to fix burr contact/alignment issues on an OE LIDO hand grinder on fine grinds?

The burrs on my Orphan Espresso LIDO E hand grinder touch/contact and grind each other when dialing into a fine grind, even when the basket is empty of beans. Is this supposed to happen? Are they ...

grinder maintenance  
asked by Kache 8 votes
answered by Kache 7 votes

What is the difference between a long (luongo) and a short (ristretto) shot of espresso?

What is the difference between a long (luongo) and a short (ristretto) shot of espresso? Is there a difference in grind, extraction time, amount of coffee used, temperature, volume of water? If so, ...

asked by Patrick Sebastien 11 votes
answered by Patrick Sebastien 7 votes

Advantages and disadvantages of French press

Asking around, I've noticed that public opinion about the french press is rather mixed. I've heard people shun it and others praise it. I have never actually seen a decent explanation why though. As ...

brewing-process french-press  
asked by Tom 17 votes
answered by Tim Post 15 votes
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